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New Zero Tolerance EDC Knife models for 2014 – Pre-Orders Available

Zero Tolerance and Emerson Knives put their hard-use heads together to create the new 620 and 620CF EDC knife.

The 620 features a blade of ELMAX® powdered steel in a modified tanto style. ELMAX® provides the extreme edge retention, high strength, and toughness a hard-use knife demands. High wear resistance in a steel usually means low corrosion resistance, but ELMAX has both qualities to make it an excellent blade steel. A DLC coating enhances performance even more and makes the blade non-reflective.

The 620CF (Carbon Fiber) features a blade of M390 powdered steel blade.  With its high chromium and vanadium content, M390 offers good wear resistance with excellent corrosion resistance. This powdered metallurgy stainless steel takes a razor edge and holds it well.   A combined finish of stonewash and satin provides a rugged look that is welcome on an EDC knife.

Both EDC knives feature the patented Emerson “wave” that enables the knife to be opened as it is removed from the pocket. By the time the knife has been fully withdrawn from the pocket, the blade is deployed and ready for use. A small wave-shaped tab on the top of the blade is built to catch on the pocket seam, opening the knife as it comes out of the pocket. This Emerson instant-open feature is a favorite among everyday carry, military, rescue, and law enforcement  EDC knife users.

The handle of the 620 features a G-10 front scale with a bead blasted titanium back.  The 620CF features a carbon fiber front scale with a bead-blasted titanium back.  Blade lock up is ensured with a sturdy frame lock. Hardened steel inserts in the lockbar make it extra durable.  Pricing is estimated at $250 for the 620 and $300 for the 620CF. The knives can be pre-ordered from Blade HQ by clicking on the images/links below.


Zero Tolerance Knives 620CF


Zero Tolerance and Rick Hinderer have teamed up to build the new 0562 with its exclusive Hinderer “slicer” grind.

The 562 features an ELMAX® powdered steel blade with flat-ground “slicer” grind provides both slicing efficiency and a tough point.  The 562CF uses M390 steel for its blade.

The knife opens with a flipper and moves out of the handle on our smooth KVT ball-bearing opening system.  A washer with caged ball bearings surrounds the pivot and makes opening the knife nearly frictionless; just pull back on the flipper and add a roll of the wrist and the 0562 is ready for action.  I have tested other ZT knives with the ball bearing opening system and it is extremely smooth and makes for reliable deployment of the blade.

The handle of the 562 has a G-10 textured scale in front and a stonewashed titanium back.  The 562CF features a carbon fiber front scale and a stonewashed titanium back.  For secure lock up during use, ZT uses a frame lock with hardened steel lockbar inserts and lockbar stabilization so the lock won’t overextend.   The lockbar has been shaved down when compared to models like the ZT560, practically eliminating the ability to use the lockbar inserts as thumbstuds.

The unique pocketclip is reversible (left/right) and enables extra-deep carry in the pocket.


Zero Tolerance Knives 562

Zero Tolerance Knives 562CF



Pricing is estimated at $250 for the 562 and $300 for the 562CF. The knives can be pre-ordered from Blade HQ by clicking on the images/links above.  I have already ordered mine.  Can’t wait to EDC these blades.