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Benchmade 761 Titanium Framelock EDC Knife Review



The Benchmade 761 Titanium Framelock EDC Knife  relatively large EDC knife with a very thin design, so that it carries like a smaller knife.   It is a titanium framelock with with the feel of a semi-custom in some of its features and detailing.  It has thrust bearing washers that are as smooth as glass.  Many are comparing it to the Chris Reeve Sebenza, I see it as a modernized implementation of that concept.



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Brous Blades Bionic 2.0 EDC Knife Review



The EDC knives of Brous Blades and his biomechanical “biomech” style are rapidly growing in popularity.  The look is a bit like something you would see in the “Aliens” movie series.  It is not only the design that makes Brous Blades appealing as EDC knives.  The quality of these EDC knives is at the mid-tech level that gives the user high quality materials and ball bearing pivots as well as detailing that is associated with custom EDC knives.  Brous Blades has been known to make custom versions of many of its EDC knives at an additional cost.

When the original Bionic was released, it was sought after by many who wanted a small, lightweight EDC knife for those times when a larger blade was not the best choice.   The original Brous Blades Bionic, we’ll call it the 1.0, was a good EDC knife, but it had a few rough edges, literally.   These issues prevented it from being one of the best EDC knives in its class.  The jimping on the aluminum scales near the flipper tab was too rough and did not work well when you would deploy the blade using the flipper tab since it would grate your fingertip on the jimping.   There was also an issue with the lock release being to sharp and hurting fingers as well.   The flipping action itself was sometimes lackluster as well.  These issues have all been resolved in the Brous Blades Bionic 2.0.


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Benchmade 761 Titanium Framelock EDC Knife – First Impressions


The Benchmade 761 Titanium Framelock EDC Knife  is here and it is a beautiful EDC knife .  First impressions are that it is an extremely smooth EDC knife in its design and its deployment.  It was razor sharp as delivered and the sculpted titanium looks and feels great in hand.  In general, it is a larger gentleman’s folder style of EDC knife and comparisons with the Sebenza are warranted.   It is a very slim EDC knife for its size and it does not feel heavy at 4.45 ounces.  It has several interesting details that are being noted for the detailed review (Update 12/28-  The full review and pictures can be seen here).

Our friend Derrick at has a video intro to this EDC knife that can be seen here.

For now, here are a few more pictures:

benchmade-761-edc-knife-1 benchmade-761-edc-knife-2 benchmade-761-edc-knife-4 benchmade-761-edc-knife-5