Benchmade 761 Titanium Framelock EDC Knife – First Impressions


The Benchmade 761 Titanium Framelock EDC Knife  is here and it is a beautiful EDC knife .  First impressions are that it is an extremely smooth EDC knife in its design and its deployment.  It was razor sharp as delivered and the sculpted titanium looks and feels great in hand.  In general, it is a larger gentleman’s folder style of EDC knife and comparisons with the Sebenza are warranted.   It is a very slim EDC knife for its size and it does not feel heavy at 4.45 ounces.  It has several interesting details that are being noted for the detailed review (Update 12/28-  The full review and pictures can be seen here).

Our friend Derrick at has a video intro to this EDC knife that can be seen here.

For now, here are a few more pictures:

benchmade-761-edc-knife-1 benchmade-761-edc-knife-2 benchmade-761-edc-knife-4 benchmade-761-edc-knife-5

2 thoughts on “Benchmade 761 Titanium Framelock EDC Knife – First Impressions

  1. Very good website. Just a comment on your photography. Its usually not a good idea to take pictures in direct sunlight. The common misconception is that direct sunlight is “good light” for photography. Often it is not. It invariably creates dark shadows making it impossible to see all of the subject (ie your Benchmade 761 photos). It is much better to take your pictures on an overcast day when there are no shadows or indoors where the lighting is almost always more diffused.

    1. Thanks for checking out the site. I agree 100% on the photography. Sometimes getting things posted has precluded taking time on the photos.

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