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The EDC knives of Brous Blades and his biomechanical “biomech” style are rapidly growing in popularity.  The look is a bit like something you would see in the “Aliens” movie series.  It is not only the design that makes Brous Blades appealing as EDC knives.  The quality of these EDC knives is at the mid-tech level that gives the user high quality materials and ball bearing pivots as well as detailing that is associated with custom EDC knives.  Brous Blades has been known to make custom versions of many of its EDC knives at an additional cost.

When the original Bionic was released, it was sought after by many who wanted a small, lightweight EDC knife for those times when a larger blade was not the best choice.   The original Brous Blades Bionic, we’ll call it the 1.0, was a good EDC knife, but it had a few rough edges, literally.   These issues prevented it from being one of the best EDC knives in its class.  The jimping on the aluminum scales near the flipper tab was too rough and did not work well when you would deploy the blade using the flipper tab since it would grate your fingertip on the jimping.   There was also an issue with the lock release being to sharp and hurting fingers as well.   The flipping action itself was sometimes lackluster as well.  These issues have all been resolved in the Brous Blades Bionic 2.0.


Blade and Frame

During this review I had a Bionic 1.0 available for comparison.  The Bionic 2.0 has blue scales and the Bionic 1.0 has the black scales.


The blade has a sheepsfoot blade shape and is made from D2 steel.  The blade length is three inches.  The handle scales are aluminum with well integrated skeletonized liners.  The lock design is a liner lock which is plenty strong for an EDC knife of this size and its likely uses.   The lockup is relatively early and allows lots of room for wear.  The blade works well for general utility tasks and slicing small items.    It had excellent sharpness as delivered. The overall feel is very solid, especially for the size of this EDC knife.



The Bionic 2.0 uses a revised flipper tab for its deployment and also uses a ball bearing pivot system that allows the blade to swing out very quickly and smoothly every time.   The detent is notably secure and it helps build the energy that deploys the blade once the detent is overcome.   When the blade deploys, the liner lock sits at about 15% engagement.  The serial number of the Bionic 2.0 is also neatly placed under the flipper tab.


The flipper tab was revised from the version 1.0 on the left to the 2.0 on the right (blue scales).  The result helps put more energy into the flipping action.  Note that the Bionic 2.0 has no jimping on the top of the handle scales.  Users of the 1.0 version found the jimping to be too sharp. The offending areas of the lock release have also been redesigned as shown in the red outline boxes.  The result is attention to detail and quality that is present in other Brous Blades EDC knives like the Division and Tanium Design T4, but at an entry level price.




brous-blades-bionic-2-1 brous-blades-bionic-2-0


The Brous Blades Bionic 2.0 EDC Knife has an ergonomic shape and fits well in the hand.  If you have large hands, the Bionic 2.0 will feel small,  but this is the EDC knife that you will carry  when you want something small.  Grip is good for its intended use, but the Bionic 2.0 could use a bit more texture in the sides of the aluminum scales to enhance the grip.

Fit and Finish

Like all Brous Blades knives the fit and finish is excellent, and the anodized aluminum adds something different.  The Bionic 2.0 is not like every other black or titanium colored EDC knife on the market.  There are many colors of anodizing available on the aluminum and the blades are available in acid, stonewashed, or cerakoted finishes.  The little Bionic 2.0 exudes a lot of presence and quality.  Even the edges of the scales have been carefully beveled to eliminate any sharp edges.  Each knife also comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Jason Brous and is packaged securely in a plastic cylinder.

brous-blades-bionic-2-edc-knife8 brous-blades-bionic-2-edc-knife6



Brous Blades Bionic 2.0 EDC Knife disappears in a pocket and is a good knife to wear when wearing a suit or on a day that you may not need a Brous Blades Division in your pocket.  The Bionic 2.0 only weighs 2.5 ounces and you will forget that you are carrying it.

As of this writing the Bionic 2.0 was released as a small batch directly from  It may take a little while before they are available at retailers, and make sure to get the 2.0 version as there may be some older 1.0 examples at retailers.

Update 12/28, Blade HQ has the Bionic 2.0 version in stock.

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