Brous Blades T4 EDC Knife Review


The  Brous Blades T4 EDC knife  is produced by knife maker Jason Brous of  Brous Blades.   Brous Blades is a small knife maker that has had significant impact  in the EDC knife world by producing innovative EDC knife designs with folding and fixed blades.  The  Brous Blades T4 EDC knife is a collaboration of Brous Blades with Jason Moriel-Riboloff from Tanium Design.  The actual name of this knife is the Tanium Design 4 inch flipper, and is simply called the T4.

The Brous Blades T4 EDC knife comes in a quality box with a certificate of authenticity, and there is a production number etched into the rear of the flipper.



Blade and Frame

The blade shape is a modified drop point that is flat ground.  It has a tactical look with plenty of strength and an aggressive look.  The blade has plenty of thickness at 3/16″ without being over the top.   The blade is four inches long, with plenty of belly for slicing.  The frame on the G10 model uses skeletonized stainless steel and the Carbon Fiber version uses titanium.  Both EDC knives utilize a liner lock and D2 steel.  Brous Blades has developed a recipe that works well for the heat treatment of D2 and prefers to make most of their EDC knives from this steel.





The deployment of this knife is one of the best out there.  The ball bearing pivot system is what should be used in all flipper deployment EDC knives.  The blade swings out effortlessly and consistently.  There is no need to use special preload techniques or sprain your fingers to deploy the blade.   Liner locks are not always preferred, but it works well and will be plenty strong for EDC knife tasks.




The Brous Blades T4  has plenty of texture in the G-10 scales and an ergonomic shape that fills the hand well.  There is jimping for extra grip near the pivot and on the backspacer of the knife.  The jimping is sharp enough to give grip without hurting your hands.  The grooved pattern on the sides of the G-10 also aids in grip.  The carbon fiber version is not quite as grippy but has less weight at 5.2 ounces vs 6 ounces for the G-10 model.

Fit and Finish

Brous Blades utilizes excellent materials and  the fit and finish is incredible.  The Brous Blades T4 EDC knife has plenty of elegant machine work throughout the knife and would cause envy or fear in those who see it.





The Brous Blades T4  is a larger EDC knife and weighs about six ounces.  It carries well, and is right side, tip up carry only.   That is unfortunate for those that wish to carry on the left side, but that is a sacrifice made for some of the design of the pocket clip.

The Brous Blades T4 is a very nice piece of EDC gear and we hope to see more from Brous Blades in the future.  The T4 is best suited for someone who needs a larger EDC knife, that could serve as a tactical knife without giving up a stylish flair.



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