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Zero Tolerance ZT562 Carbon Fiber EDC Knife Review



The  Zero Tolerance ZT562 EDC knife  is the Hinderer Design / Zero Tolerance collaboration that was introduced at the 2014 Blade show.  This knife is an evolution of the Zero Tolerance EDC knives with Hinderer blade design.  The ZT562 is available in two versions, a version with ELMAX steel , and a G-10 scale and the ZT562CF that has a carbon fiber scale and polished M390 steel.  It is a very handsome EDC knife with a polished M390 blade. Zero Tolerance ZT562 EDC knife is like a getting a Hinderer XM-18 that is smoother and has much smoother deployment at a fraction of the price.

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Brous Blades T4 EDC Knife Review


The  Brous Blades T4 EDC knife  is produced by knife maker Jason Brous of  Brous Blades.   Brous Blades is a small knife maker that has had significant impact  in the EDC knife world by producing innovative EDC knife designs with folding and fixed blades.  The  Brous Blades T4 EDC knife is a collaboration of Brous Blades with Jason Moriel-Riboloff from Tanium Design.  The actual name of this knife is the Tanium Design 4 inch flipper, and is simply called the T4.

The Brous Blades T4 EDC knife comes in a quality box with a certificate of authenticity, and there is a production number etched into the rear of the flipper.
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Brous Blades Bionic 2.0 EDC Knife Limited 2014 Release

brous blades bionic 2.0Image Credit:

Brous Blades has decided that the best way to release the Brous Blades Bionic 2.0 EDC knife is to have a SILENT RELEASE of the Bionic 2.0! There is a small quantity of each color combination available, so be sure to place your order now to ensure you get the handle color and blade finish you want. There is no pre-order payment required for this special release, the full price of the Bionic 2.0 EDC knife is due at the time of purchase. This 2.0 version is likely to refine what is one of the best small EDC knives on the market.

Check out the review of the Bionic 2.0 here at!

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