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Everyday Carry from Student4Life


This is my “Urban” EDC pouch. This is what I currently carry in my daily work backpack/bag. I need to reevaluate what I have been carrying since a year has past. Hopefully this will help someone start putting together his/her “Urban” EDC pouch.

A. Maxpedition EDC Organizer
B. Hand Sanitizer – CVS
C. Flashlight – Fenix LD10
D. Sharpie
E. Tide To Go Stick
F.  Leatherman Squirt P4 – Pliers
G. Leatherman Squirt P4 – Scissors
H. Refillable travel Cologne bottle
I. EDC Aircraft Wire Key cable (6 inches)
J. Lighter (I will probably take this out because the lighter fluid evaporates over time if not used)
K. Whistle, Compass, Thermometer, Magnifier lens
L. Mini Pry bar
M. Twisters – Pocketweez (The BEST tweezers I have run across!)
N. Flat Folding Nail clippers
O. Leatherman Style CS – Scissors, Bottle opener
P. Breath freshener – Listerine Strips
Q. Extra Keychain light
R. Small Note pad
S. Knife – Kershaw 1550ST Blackout
T. Face Cleanser
U. Eye glass cleaning cloth
V. Hand wipes
W. Lip Balm – Carmex

Editor’s Note:  Thanks for the submission, Urban EDC is what this site is all about.  The hand wipes are a great way to have some emergency cleaning that is not bulky.  The refillable cologne bottle is nice as well.

Everyday Carry from PPCApache


Here is my main EDC, Skinth OG, which fits the Leatherman Surge, Leatherman Micra, Led Lenser P3, Leatherman Bit card, Replaceable Saw for the Surge, small crescent.

Editor’s Note:  Thanks for making the first guest contribution to this site.  I’ve got to get to work here.   I recently learned about Skinth products and may be picking up a The M7 Toollet soon.   I currently use a Maxpedition Micro Pocket Organizer that I will post soon.