County Comm Titanium Pen Review


The CountyComm/Maratac Embassy Pen is my favorite Everyday Carry pen so far.  It has a simple design, writes very well and is weighted in a manner that I really like.  The top of the pen is of screw on design and the top does not fit on the back of the barrel. This feature has its pros and cons.  If you loan your pen to someone, it is common practice to keep the top as a little insurance to get your pen back.  The downside is that you have to keep up with the top as a seperate item as you are using the pen.


The old design of this pen used an o-ring seal, but later production runs do not require the o-ring.  The weight of the pen is substantial but not over the top.  I have handled the stainless steel version of this pen and and it was too much weight for me.  The pens come with a the CAGE code and a serial number engraved into the cap area of the pen.

This pen is made from a nice chunk of titanium and is solid enough to last a lifetime.  It uses Fisher space pen refills which will write on almost anything and are fairly inexpensive.  The pen comes with a black ink refill in place, and I have replaced mine with the medium blue ink refill.  The titanium embassy pen is usually available in limited runs at Blade HQ and usually costs about $100.  The stainless steel version costs about $80 and the lighter weight aluminum version is $55.  These pens have substantial mass and rounded ends.  They would make a good makeshift kubaton without having the weaponized spike look of many tactical pens on the market.  A few additional specifications are listed below:

  • 6AL4V series titanium grade 5
  • 5.25″ inches long by .50″ diameter
  • 2.25 oz
  • Stainless steel clip is stone-washed finished


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