Spyderco ParaMilitary 2 EDC Knife Review

The Spyderco ParaMilitary 2 EDC knife is the best Spyderco for many and is highly sought after.  This EDC knife is frequently out of stock and they are sometimes hard to find.  It is a smaller version of the popular Spyderco Military, but the ParaMilitary has a few features that are different from the Military.



Blade and Frame

The blade shape is a leaf shape and is flat ground.  The blade comes to a very sharp point, and the tip may be a bit delicate in hard use.  Make sure not to try to pry with the tip, as the tip is not going to hold up to that. For general EDC knife uses there should not be a problem.  The 3.5″ blade is  made from CPM S30V steel.  The design uses G-10 scales with plenty of grip and and has a compression lock at the spine of the EDC knife.   There is a large lanyard mount hole and a 14mm thumb hole to make it easier to open the knife while wearing gloves.    It is built to be an efficient, lightweight EDC knife and features milled out steel liners inside the G-10 to keep weight and bulk low.




The Spyderco ParaMilitary 2 EDC knife deploys smoothly and has a distinct and tight lock engagement.    Much of the smooth deployment is due to the Spyderco bushing pivot system used in the ParaMilitary 2. The deployment is clean and repeatable and compression lock engages tightly and is easy to release when you want to close the knife.





The ParaMilitary 2 is compact for the blade that is carries and the G-10 scales are textured to give a perfect balance of grip without feeling too rough.   The jimping around on the spine and in the finger choil area give plenty of extra control and safety when needed.


Fit and Finish

For a mid priced  EDC knife, the fit and finish is excellent.  Each area has purpose and there is no fluff or extra weight . As an EDC tool it presents very well.





The Paramilitary 2 weighs a bit less than four ounces and rides quietly in the pocket.  As an EDC knife,  I prefer the black  DLC (Diamond-Like Coating) or  changing to a black pocket clip.  The polished clip that comes with the un-coated blade versions is not very discrete if that is a concern.  The clip position is good and the ParaMilitary 2 rides fairly deep in pocket.

The ParaMilitary 2 is a legendary EDC knife and it deserves the praise that it has received as the best EDC knife in it class.




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  1. “Spyderco para military 2 “great knife ,very convenient ,excellent EDC knife. Love the black color and blade shape. Thanks EDC gear blog .

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