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Benchmade 7505 Titanium Framelock EDC Knife Review


The Benchmade 7505-132 is a new Gold Class series EDC knife from Benchmade.   It can be opened manually with the thumb studs, and it can be deployed automatically.   It is described as a Dual Action EDC knife.  It is a Siebert design like the Benchmade 755 EDC Knife, which is a similarly stout knife of smaller stature.  The Benchmade 755 uses the same M390 steel, but is manual deployment only and has a blade length of 2.9 inches vs the 3.9 inch blade of the 7505.   It is a burly blade that makes the Benchmade 950 series seem wimpy.  I would prefer black G10 to the green, but it is a fairly attractive blade.  The blade handles well, and is delivered with an extremely sharp edge.


Blade and Frame

It features a drop point blade and made from M390 steel, a premium steel that has excellent wear resistance, cutting ability and corrosion resistance.  It is has a titanium frame, is a frame lock design and has a milled out steel liner on the side opposite the lock.



The blade can be deployed automatically by pushing on the portion of the handle just above the G10 scale.  Bronze washers help smooth out the pivot action. It seems like you can press on the carved out area to deploy the knife, but it is easier to activate the automatic deployment by pressing on the portion closer to the scale.  The double action is an interesting feature, that just adds cool factor to the blade.   The only hiccup that we found was that sometimes when the blade was closed, it was very difficult to deploy the blade manually.   This seems to be something related to the dual action mechanism and how it resets when the blade is closed.


The EDC knife has Peel-Ply textured green G10 scales and feels good in the hand.  There is a nice finger groove near the blade to aid the grip.  There is jimping on the rear of the blade but it is rounded to the point of being more cosmetic than functional.

Fit and Finish

This EDC knife is well assembled and has a bit of occasion about it.  The assembly is on par with other Benchmades, with a little more attention to detail.


The 7505 is a big EDC knife.  It feels large in the pocket, as it is a very large knife that weighs eight ounces.   The titanium clip works well, but you won’t forget that this blade is on your side.


Blade Length: 3.90″
Blade Thickness: 0.150″
Handle Thickness: 0.054″
Blade Material: M390 Stainless Steel
Blade Hardness: 60-62HRC
Blade Style: Drop-Point
Weight: 7.98oz
Pocket Clip: Titanium, Tip-Down
Lock Mechanism: Titanium Dual-Action Frame Lock
Overall Length: 9.08″
Closed Length: 5.18″




The blade is a good hard use folder with Benchmade quality.  The dual action feature is something innovative that may find its way into other Benchmade products in the future.



benchmade 950 9555 auto knife

Benchmade 940 Rift Auto (9555) EDC Knife Review

9555-950-2  9555-950-1

This is the Benchmade 9555 Auto Rift EDC Knife.  It is a medium-large knife for EDC, but it carries very well.  The blade is made from 154CM which is an excellent steel in terms balancing hardness and corrosion resistance.   The rest of the specs are below:

Blade Length: 3.67″
Blade Thickness: 0.114″
Handle Thickness: 0.560″
Blade Material: 154CM Stainless Steel
Blade Hardness: 58-60HRC
Pocket Clip: Tip-Up, Black Split-Arrow, Reversible
Lock Mechanism: AXIS
Overall Length: 8.27″
Closed Length: 4.60″
Class: Black
Weight: 4.80oz


The 9555 is uses the auto Axis lock and deploys by pressing the Axis lock. For those that cannot carry an automatic knife or prefer a manual Axis lock with thumb studs, the Benchmade 950 Rift is the manual version of this EDC knife.

I really like the reverse tanto Osborne Design blade shape, and there is lots of strength in the tip of the blade. The lockup is rock solid even after a couple months of use. The blade also deploys with a solid “thwack”.

Some people have complained about the edges on the G10 scales, but Benchmade seems to have corrected that issue on later production runs. I really wish that the 420J steel liners had been milled out to reduce weight. As it sits now, my 9555 weighed in at an even five ounces. I wouldn’t want to EDC anything heavier. A little jimping would be nice, but it is non-existant on this blade. This EDC knife has a deep belly that it is the best for slicing and general utility use. Overall it’s a winner, and one of my personal best EDC knives, but could be even better with some simple changes.