Zero Tolerance ZT562 Carbon Fiber EDC Knife Review



The  Zero Tolerance ZT562 EDC knife  is the Hinderer Design / Zero Tolerance collaboration that was introduced at the 2014 Blade show.  This knife is an evolution of the Zero Tolerance EDC knives with Hinderer blade design.  The ZT562 is available in two versions, a version with ELMAX steel , and a G-10 scale and the ZT562CF that has a carbon fiber scale and polished M390 steel.  It is a very handsome EDC knife with a polished M390 blade. Zero Tolerance ZT562 EDC knife is like a getting a Hinderer XM-18 that is smoother and has much smoother deployment at a fraction of the price.




Blade and Frame

The blade shape is a Hinderer Design “Slicer” grind, that is a excellent slicer and still has plenty of strength in the tip of the blade.  The blade shape is very balanced and gives the best combination of blade shape elements to make it an excellent EDC knife.  The blade has good thickness and is 3.5″ long. The generous belly of the blade and its grind makes for easy slicing.  The frame on both versions titanium and utilizes a steel lockbar insert.   The M390 used on the ZT562CF is known as a ultra premium blade steel.  Both versions of the EDC knife weigh about 5.5 ounces.




ZT562 EDC Knife

EDC knife ZT562 Zero Tolerance




Why don’t all flipper EDC knives use sealed ball bearing pivots?  Some may argue that ball bearings are not reliable, but I seriously doubt that any EDC knife user would ever flip the knives at their desk enough to wear them out.  The ball bearing pivot is the best way to go and gives the ZT562 a silky deployment with a precision feel.  The blade stops have been shortened from previous ZT knives and no longer function as an alternative to the flipper tab.  The lockbar engages solidly with about 15%-20% engagement for plenty of room to wear in.   The Zero Tolerance ZT562 EDC knife deploys beautifully.



The Zero Tolerance ZT562 EDC knife has a good ergonomic shape and fits well in the hand regardless of position.  The flipper tab serves as a handguard and keeps the knife positioned in hand.  There is moderate jimping on the spine of the blade and at the rear of the handle.  This jimping assists the grip but is tuned more toward the urban EDC that this knife is best suited for.

Fit and Finish

Zero Tolerance has accomplished what Hinderer hasn’t managed in his own knives.  Great blade design has met something called quality control.  The Zero Tolerance ZT562 EDC knife has excellent fit and finish exudes high quality.  For the mid priced market, it really delivers. One small thing that could be improved is the pocket clip.  It functions well, but could be dressed up a bit on this knife.





The Zero Tolerance ZT562 EDC knife on the large side for an EDC knife but it feels like a larger gentleman’s folding knife.   Large enough to handle almost any job, but does not look overly tactical.  The pocket clip is deep carry and can be reversed for left side carry.

The Zero Tolerance ZT562 EDC knife is the Hinderer that many have been waiting for.  Zero Tolerance has perfected the formula  with the ZT562.    This is a very attainable EDC knife that has all the best Hinderer features and flips much better than an XM-18.  Pick up one at Blade HQ.


Take a look at the photos below to see the ZT562 side by side with the Hinderer XM-18.




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